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Many thanks for stopping by!  I am an amateur photgrapher based in London learning my craft in urban and landscape photgraphy.   Something I find fascinating and wonderful about wandeing the streets, lanes and paths, taking in nature and man-made views.

A brief history.  I have been fascinated by photography from being a kid, my first SLR was an old Ricoh KR10 when I was 18.  Sadly sports and other activities drew me away.  It wasn't until a trip to Australia that I bought a Panasonic DMC hybrid wanting to come back with reasonable photos that this interest. now a passion, was re-ignited.  I took the plunge at the end of 2011 with my first DSLR a Canon 600D.

I have taken instruction on various workshops with Doug Chinnery and a couple with Duncan Fawkes, both great fun and knowledgable gentlemen and Light & Land tour with David Clapp - the duracell bunny of landscape photography!

I have taken great inspriation from Doug in particular, his approach and feel for this passion is something I really relate too, and naturally he has influenced me in my photography but also in my thought patterns and opened my eyes to many other fantastic photographers.

Influences to date have been, in particular order, Doug Chinnery, Valda Bailey, Finn Hopson, David Ward, Andrew Atkinson, Lizzie Shepherd and Michael Kenna.  This list is much abreviated list but the work of these photographers I really admire.  (i'll add links soon!).  The list is longer than this!

I am enjoying the journey and look forward to all it brings!